Five years after Mike Mitchell became editor of BC Outdoors, the magazine expanded into a technical fishing show, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing. After over six decades in print, the content of BC Outdoors was brought to life in a high-definition TV format.
First airing in November 2012, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing will begin filming its sixth season this spring. The show highlights all of the best fresh and saltwater fisheries around BC. Not only does the show display beautiful fish in attractive settings – it aims to educate the viewers on how and what to use to be successful during their day out on the water. Each episode features local industry experts as co-hosts and utilizes their know-how to teach the audience trade secrets. The show breaks down the components of fishing for the audience to a basic level, from strategy and technique to gear and species knowledge. While the main focus of the show is informing and educating the audience, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing is produced to inspire viewers to get out fishing more often and appreciate the great outdoors, while enjoying a true angling experience.
Mike and guests have fished over 20 different lakes within BCs interior, demonstrating fly-fishing techniques while catching Rainbow, Lake and Brook Trout as well as Kokanee Salmon. During the winter months, he has shown how to ice fish for trout on some of the interiors frozen lakes. BC Outdoors Sport Fishing has fished various spots along the Fraser River for Sturgeon, showcasing the upper, middle, and lower sections of the river throughout the past five seasons. Mike has also taken the show to northern BC, on the hunt for Steelhead in the Skeena River. BC Outdoors Sport Fishing promotes saltwater fishing around British Columbia. Mike and guests have gone all up and down the coast of BC to promote great fisheries for salmon, like Chinook, Sockeye and Coho, as well as others. Different approaches of targeting bottom fish like Halibut and Ling Cod have also been featured on the show, with Mike once landing a 100lb Halibut. In addition to great fisheries in BC, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing has travelled to tropical destinations on multiple occasions to bring light the great fishing adventures available while on vacation. In season 5, Mike and his guest went to Cabo, Mexico to catch Striped Marlin and Dorado.