Mike Mitchell


Mike started at BC Outdoors magazine in 2004 and after two years, he became editor of the magazine. 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the magazine and the return to it’s original format which is what made it such a treasured magazine for so many decades.

During a 2009 fishing trip the idea of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing was developed and the following spring the first pilot was shot. Since then, BC Outdoors Sport Fishing has aired 65 episodes on 12 different networks across Canada and the USA.

When it comes to fishing, Mike’s true love has to be chasing salmon on the coast. The Central Coast, Port Hardy and the West Coast of Vancouver Island are some of his favourite locations to fish. When it’s not salmon season, still water fly-fishing becomes his focus. With five seasons of fly-fishing with Brian Chan under his belt, Mike has honed his skills and enjoys early spring and late fall fly fisheries in the Interior.

Mike is also Executive Producer of Sportfishing Adventures, hosted by professional athletes Brendan Morrison, Chris Burns and Gary Valk. This show has an exciting format with celebrity names and has matched the success of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing.

Mike Mitchell is an editor, producer, and show host who is ever grateful for everything that brought him to this point. He is a family man with three wonderful children and a wife that he cherishes. He says, “I’m looking forward to the next great adventure in the great BC outdoors.